Be Nice to Bugs!

Did you know there are 1.4 billion insects per person on this planet and according to Nat Geo, we need all of them?

Five Ways to Make a Cat Happy

I read in Tracey Stewart's Do Unto Animals that indoor cats live longer than feral cats (about a ten-year difference). I don't have any cats of my own, but my family has cats and practically adopt any cat that walks into the house and decides to stay (there's a cat door). Collectively there are seven … Continue reading Five Ways to Make a Cat Happy


10 Spring Must-Haves For Dogs

Dogs have allergies just like humans and can also be sensitive to the sun and heat. Here are 10 essentials to keep your dog safe and happy this spring.

Five Years Until A More Sustainable World

Slowly but surely, the world is becoming more sustainable and compassionate. There have been multiple companies and governments that have updated policies and created laws to enhance the protection of other species. Also, more money is being donated to creating more sustainable transportation, which will assist in decreasing air pollution. Quick Facts on Fur: Most … Continue reading Five Years Until A More Sustainable World