Vegan Products That You Probably Already Buy

On my journey to being 100% vegan I’ve been looking more into products that I’ve been eating my entire life to see if they’re vegan and if not, what ingredients do they contain that make them non-vegan. Sometimes products unnecessarily have egg or milk powder in them. I like to see what ingredients are included […]

Egg-cceptable Baking

If you’re not vegan, eggs are one of the most common ingredients for baking. Millennials are the most conscientious shoppers and are more likely to pay attention to labels than any other generation, so next time you’re in the grocery store, staring at the countless cartons of eggs lined in the refrigerator, take a moment […]

What Your Vegan/Vegetarian Family Don’t Want To Hear This Thanksgiving

It’s hard enough being an environmentalist, animal rights advocate, vegan, vegetarian, or any other “woke” individual in a society that feeds off of capitalism and a fear of change. It doesn’t help that a few times out of the year there are awkward dinners with cousins, uncles and great aunts who question your sanity and […]