Vegan Products That You Probably Already Buy

On my journey to being 100% vegan I’ve been looking more into products that I’ve been eating my entire life to see if they’re vegan and if not, what ingredients do they contain that make them non-vegan. Sometimes products unnecessarily have egg or milk powder in them. I like to see what ingredients are included and test making the product from home using only vegan ingredients. My mind is still blown that Oreos, pretty much everyone’s favorite cookie, are vegan. If something as delicious as an Oreo is vegan, anything can be both vegan and delicious. Anyway, here’s a list of products you probably already buy and didn’t know were vegan.

  1. Oreos
  2. Duncan Hines cake mix. – Just swap adding eggs and butter for a can of soda, apple sauce, or any other substitutes.
  3. Jell-O (Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Pistachio, and Banana Creme) – Just add non-dairy milk. My favorite is almond. Try coconut milk if you like your desserts to be extra sweet.
  4. Smucker’s Marshmallows Ice Cream Topping – This product is gelatin free. Whoot whoot!
  5. Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
  6. Minute Maid Soft Frozen Lemonades
  7. Ritz Crackers – Apparently these buttery crackers don’t use real butter.
  8. Keebler Original Club Crackers
  9. SunChips
  10. Unfrosted Poptarts.
  11. Duncan Hines Whipped Frosting (Put this on your unfrosted Poptarts if you’re feeling extra fat.)
  12. Simply Potatoes Shredded Hashbrowns
  13. Cracker Jacks
  14. Fruit By The Foot
  15. Pepperidge Farms Puff Pastry Sheets
  16. Campbell’s Mushroom Gravy
  17. Famous Amos Sandwich Cookies ( Chocolate, Oatmeal Macaroon, Vanilla and Peanut Butter)
  18. Nutter Butters – Say whaaaaat!?!?!? I’m shocked at this one.
  19. Nature Valley Granola Bars – (Apple Crisp, Cinnamon, Peanut Butter, Roasted Almond and Maple Brown Sugar)
  20. Krispy Kreme Fruit Pies (Apple, Cherry and Peach)
  21. Teddy Grahams (Chocolate Chip)
  22. Back To Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies
  23. Thomas New York Style Bagels
  24. Super Pretzel Baked Soft Pretzel
  25. Red Bull Energy Drink
  26. Monster Energy Drink
  27. Wheat Thins
  28. Lay’s Chips (Original and Barbeque)
  29. Triscuits
  30. Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (Original)
  31. Kraft Creamy Italian Dressing
  32. Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix
  33. Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch
  34. Old El Paso Fajita Dinner Kit
  35. Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos
  36. Fritos
  37. Smucker’s Uncrustables
  38. Kettle Brand Potato Chips
  39. Bac-os Bacon Flavor Bits
  40. Kool-Aid

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