50 Lists For The Planner Obsessed

Hi you guys, I started bullet journaling this year and although my journal is nowhere as neat or visually appealing as some of the people I follow on YouTube and Pinterest, it's mine and I love it. Bullet journaling brings me peace and it makes me feel organized even when some parts of my life … Continue reading 50 Lists For The Planner Obsessed


How To Be A Boss

I don't particularly like the term "Girl Boss." I just can't really identify with it. I'm 25 and honestly haven't considered myself to be a girl since I was 15. Also, there's no "Boy Boss." So, here are my five tips on how to be a boss. Not girl boss. Just a boss.

My DIY Harry Potter Potions Collection

I got to pretend that I was in one of Professor Snape's lessons for a moment.

How to Deal With Burn Out When You Work From Home

Sometimes the dishes aren't done and there are random socks throughout the living room and staircase (house-elves would LOVE my apartment).

Sunday in Starkville | Mississippi Millennial

This was my chance to see at least one of the Jonas Brothers live! (Yes, I'm a true 2010s teen.)

PETA May Actually Have A Point: Anti-Animal Language

Although some of PETA's suggestions for ending negative phrases associated with certain animals were a bit far fetched, I agree nonetheless.