50 Lists For The Planner Obsessed

Hi you guys,

I started bullet journaling this year and although my journal is nowhere as neat or visually appealing as some of the people I follow on YouTube and Pinterest, it’s mine and I love it. Bullet journaling brings me peace and it makes me feel organized even when some parts of my life are complete chaos. (You don’t want to see the current state of my pantry or bedroom closet.) I mainly use my journal to jot down thoughts and ideas for YouTube and this blog, but I’m considering creating more lists such as career goals, shopping habits and finances. I have a digital form of all of these lists, but there’s something about physically writing things down that helps them to stick and helps me to be more proactive with my plans. Here’s a list of 50 ideas for your bullet journal or planner. Enjoy and let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas!

– Karyn

  1. Five Year Goals
  2. Restaurants to Try
  3. Favorite Quotes
  4. Movies To Watch (I’m currently creating this one.)
  5. Things To Do When You’re Bored
  6. Self-Care
  7. Free Date Ideas
  8. Packing Check List (I’m also working on this one.)
  9. House Projects
  10. Bucket Lists (For self, with family, pets, friends, etc.)
  11. Pet Activities
  12. Recipes To Try
  13. Monthly Goals
  14. Things To Do In Your Hometown
  15. Favorite Memories
  16. Dream Log
  17. Favorite Songs
  18. Daily Affirmations
  19. 10 Year Goals
  20. Wedding Plans (Even if you aren’t engaged. I just like to plan parties.)
  21. Childhood Memories
  22. Places To Travel
  23. Books To Read
  24. Gratitude List
  25. Reasons You’re Awesome
  26. Map of Your Life
  27. Achievements
  28. Future Project List
  29. Pen Test Pages (Why not have a designated spot!?)
  30. Food Log (To track behaviors or for weight loss or weight gain)
  31. Wish List
  32. Daily Water Intake
  33. Family Contacts (You never know when you’ll need to send an invitation to your third cousin’s step sister and her husband, right?)
  34. First Aid Checklist
  35. List of Medications
  36. List of Allergies
  37. Savings Goals
  38. Monthly Bills/Finances
  39. Healthy Snack Options
  40. Christmas Party Checklist
  41. Photo Ideas
  42. Things That Make You Happy
  43. Emergency Contacts
  44. Lessons Learned
  45. Jokes
  46. Favorite Lyrics
  47. Bedtime Routine Checklist
  48. Morning Routine Checklist
  49. Random Facts
  50. A Key Page To Your Bullet Journal/Table of Contents

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