My Everyday Makeup Products

Hello! ♥️ I Figured I’d share my everyday makeup routine and products with you guys. If you’re more into visuals, there’s a video over on my channel. I’ve listed the products that I use regularly down below and in the order that I apply them. They’re all cruelty-free (of course), so enjoy!

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in Black <<< Great for taming crazy brows that like to curl sometimes. Does anyone else have this problem???

NYX Build ‘Em Up Powder Brow Filler in Espresso <<< This product makes your fill-in look like hairs.

Stippling brush (I can’t remember the brand name but it’s everywhere.)

Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation in Tan-Deep Neutral <<< Almost the perfect shade for me. I’ve always had the hardest time finding a foundation that perfectly matches my skin tone. My face is paler than the rest of my body because I don’t use sunscreen as often as I should and I live in the south. I try to find a shade that’s not too many shades darker than my natural color while also balancing out any tan that I may have. Is there a lotion with sunscreen or do you know of a sunscreen that isn’t heavy and greasy? Protecting skin is so important, but sometimes I’m negligent because it’s muggy where I live and wearing oily sunscreen outside is really frustrating.

Black Radiance Pressed Powder in Golden Almond <<< All time fave. I never feel the need to switch up bronzers because this one is so complimentary to my skin tone.

Juice Beauty Last Looks Cream Blush in Orange Blossom <<< I’m not a blush person, but this is honestly my favorite product out of my daily routine. I’ll apply this blush even if I’m not wearing makeup for the day because it really warms up my face and adds a cheerful, healthy glow.

Smashbox Studio Fix Flawless 24 Hour Concealer <<< I prefer the waterproof concealer. The regular one feels a bit more caked and has a weird sunscreen like smell to it.)

It Cosmetics Mascara – Super Hero <<< I really like this mascara. It gives the effect of faux lashes without looking too dramatic.

NYX Lip Cream – usually in Cannes. <<< I prefer lip creams and sticks that mimic my natural lip color. This product in the shade London is my exact lip color. It’s scary. Cannes is more of a mauve color and it warms my face and pairs perfectly with the Juice Beauty blush that I use.

This is NYX’s lip creams in shades London and Budapest. (Cannes is in the car because I wear it so often. HA!) I love them all ❤

Do you use any of these products?

Also, list your favorite cruelty-free mascara in the comments. I’m on a constant hunt for a new mascara. I’ve also been thinking about getting eyelash extensions. Yay or Nay to those? I’ve been afraid to do it, but it would be so liberating to feel ready for the day right when I wake up!

– Karyn


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