10 Spring Must-Haves For Dogs

Spring is a Renaissance. Flowers and plants return and the sun begins to shine a little more. This also means allergy attacks, rashes, and hot weather. Dogs have allergies just like humans and can also be sensitive to the sun and heat. Here are 10 essentials to keep your dog safe and happy this spring.

1. Hydration

You should always keep water on your person during warm and hot months. The same goes for animals.

2. UV Protection

Although they have fur, dogs can still experience damage from UV rays. To be safe, use a dog sunscreen if you’re going to be outdoors for an extensive period of time.

3. Moisturizer

Maxx and Roxxie’s paw pads always get a bit dry in warmer months. I keep a balm on hand. Some dogs also experience dry noses that a moisture balm could fix. Maxx also has dry skin, so he flakes a lot in the spring and summer months. I have a spray for that as well.

My favorite products for dry skin and dry paw pads are by Burt’s Bees. Check out my spring dog bath routine to see how I combat dry skin and paws.

Roxxie tends to get hot spots during weather changes and they tend to linger in the spring and summer if they aren’t taken care of immediately. I haven’t found an over-the-counter treatment that works for hot spots, so I get a special spray from our vet.

4. Travel Food & Water Bowls

If you’re traveling with your dog, make sure he or she has more than enough water and food for the entire journey. You save time and money from not having to stop and you don’t chance any upset tummies from a change in food (if your dog’s food isn’t carried at the store you stop at). Traveling food and water bowls also make it easier for your dog to eat and drink without causing a mess.

5. Preventative

Hello Mother. Hello Father. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes really bother. You get the point.

Your dog should use protection all year round. I can never stress the importance of flea, tick, and heartworm preventative enough.

6. Shelter

Would you find joy in sitting outside all day in hot weather? Neither do dogs. Depending on where you live, spring can get pretty hot. The temperature can be as high as 90 degrees in mid to late spring where I live, so my dogs are in the house most of the day. The only time we are outside on hot days are early in the morning and late in the evening. Hot weather can lead to dehydration, cracked paw pads, and even more complicated health risks.

7. A Travel Tote

If the weather permits, we spend a lot of time hiking and picnicking in the spring. My dogs are relatively small (Roxxi weighs 9 lbs and Maxx weighs 15 lbs), so I’m able to carry them if they get tired. Keep a comfortable travel tote with a cool blanket or towel for cushion, or purchase a comfy dog carrier that straps to your chest or back. I’ve been wanting one since Maxx was a pup and I’m truly considering getting one this year.

8. Time to Chill

If you’re like me, you like taking your dogs as many places as possible. I take Maxx and Roxxi to family dinners, the park, shopping and just about anywhere I can. Especially on the weekends. Depending on where you live, spring can get really hot. I recommend leaving the pups at home if the temperature is over 85 degrees.

9. Limited Exercise

The sole’s of your dog’s paws can be sensitive. Sometimes it’s just too hot to go for a walk. Occasionally, to test just how hot it is outside, I’ll slip my foot out of my shoe to test the ground. If I can’t stand the heat, chances are Maxx and Roxxi can’t either. Pay attention to your dog. They’re probably tired if they’re panting more than usual or walking slowly. You can get in a good workout by playing indoors during warmer months.

10. A Cooling Mat

I just discovered these. They stay cool up to three hours, making them perfect for a trip to the park or beach. My dogs love to run and play and then seek shade to cool off in between sprints. A cooling mat is ideal for sitting in the shade. I wonder do they make these for humans!?

What are some of your dog essentials for spring?

– Karyn


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