How To Be A Boss

I don't particularly like the term "Girl Boss." I just can't really identify with it. I'm 25 and honestly haven't considered myself to be a girl since I was 15. Also, there's no "Boy Boss." So, here are my five tips on how to be a boss. Not girl boss. Just a boss.

My DIY Harry Potter Potions Collection

I got to pretend that I was in one of Professor Snape's lessons for a moment.

How to Deal With Burn Out When You Work From Home

Sometimes the dishes aren't done and there are random socks throughout the living room and staircase (house-elves would LOVE my apartment).

Sunday in Starkville | Mississippi Millennial

This was my chance to see at least one of the Jonas Brothers live! (Yes, I'm a true 2010s teen.)

PETA May Actually Have A Point: Anti-Animal Language

Although some of PETA's suggestions for ending negative phrases associated with certain animals were a bit far fetched, I agree nonetheless.

Egg-cceptable Baking

If you're not vegan, eggs are one of the most common ingredients for baking. Millennials are the most conscientious shoppers and are more likely to pay attention to labels than any other generation, so next time you're in the grocery store, staring at the countless cartons of eggs lined in the refrigerator, take a moment … Continue reading Egg-cceptable Baking


What Your Vegan/Vegetarian Family Don’t Want To Hear This Thanksgiving

It's hard enough being an environmentalist, animal rights advocate, vegan, vegetarian, or any other "woke" individual in a society that feeds off of capitalism and a fear of change. It doesn't help that a few times out of the year there are awkward dinners with cousins, uncles and great aunts who question your sanity and … Continue reading What Your Vegan/Vegetarian Family Don’t Want To Hear This Thanksgiving