Five Ways to Make a Cat Happy

I read in Tracey Stewart's Do Unto Animals that indoor cats live longer than feral cats (about a ten-year difference). I don't have any cats of my own, but my family has cats and practically adopt any cat that walks into the house and decides to stay (there's a cat door). Collectively there are seven … Continue reading Five Ways to Make a Cat Happy

10 Spring Must-Haves For Dogs

Dogs have allergies just like humans and can also be sensitive to the sun and heat. Here are 10 essentials to keep your dog safe and happy this spring.

How To Be A Boss

I don't particularly like the term "Girl Boss." I just can't really identify with it. I'm 25 and honestly haven't considered myself to be a girl since I was 15. Also, there's no "Boy Boss." So, here are my five tips on how to be a boss. Not girl boss. Just a boss.

My DIY Harry Potter Potions Collection

I got to pretend that I was in one of Professor Snape's lessons for a moment.

How to Deal With Burn Out When You Work From Home

Sometimes the dishes aren't done and there are random socks throughout the living room and staircase (house-elves would LOVE my apartment).

Sunday in Starkville | Mississippi Millennial

This was my chance to see at least one of the Jonas Brothers live! (Yes, I'm a true 2010s teen.)