Welcome to Mississippi: Birthplace of America’s Music

I’ve lived in Mississippi my entire life and have wanted to not live in Mississippi just as long. I’ve finally completed school and have spare time between work life, personal life, and the many projects I juggle to feed my creative process, so I figured why not add another assignment to the bunch.

As you probably know, there are many negative associations with the state of Mississippi. They’re mostly true, but as with all stereotypes, everything isn’t absolute. I’ve faced my fair share of discrimination living in Mississippi (along with my travels everywhere else), but I’ve also had amazing experiences and met equally amazing people here.

I’m introducing a new extension to this blog called “Mississippi Millennial.” I will share my experiences being a black woman and animal rights activist in Mississippi as well as my journey to getting to know my home state as an adult, and possibly form a better relationship with it.

Mississippi has a dark history, but there is a beautiful side to the state as well. I intend to explore that beauty over the next few months and share it with you.

Stick along for the ride. I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

– Karyn


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