A Little About Me

I recently completed a masters in mass communication with an emphasis in nonprofit. While there, I completed a thesis that focuses on media’s influence on society’s food choices and views of animals. This thesis has helped me understand my goals of pursuing a career in communications and media production while lobbying for animal rights and welfare. I hope to use this experience to contribute as much as I possibly can to make this planet more sustainable and healthier for all living beings.

My personal core values are creativity, contribution, and honesty. It’s easy
to lose your true self and purpose in this age of social media. These core
values help to keep me grounded and focused on my ambitions and the
message of transparency that I hope to send the world.

If I could have any job in the world and money wasn’t an issue, I’d write for television and movies as well as use my
background in public relations and marketing to open my own animal
shelter and animal protection organization. Having the resources to shelter as many animals as possible would
bring me the utmost joy and sense of fulfillment.

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